Client: Crossmark

Location: 5100 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas

Size: 175,000 square feet

Overview: Swearingen Realty Group provided market research and database solutions for a large portfolio of approximately 1,000,000 SF of corporate owned real estate throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, updating Crossmark’s real estate techniques, and simplifying in-house efforts for the company.


  • Implement tools to assist in-house real estate personnel with portfolio management
  • Manage client’s subleases and revenue generated from subleases
  • Provide on-line access to critical dates and lease documents
  • Track operating expenses and vendor contact information by location
  • Assist in long term strategy planning for corporate campus expansion


  • Transferred thousands of pages of printed lease documents into a lease administration program facilitating multiple dispositions
  • Provided quick access to lease documents, building photos, location contacts, and complete real estate costs
  • Automated ‘critical dates’ reminders to address important lease options
  • Real estate department receives ongoing “Active Projects” and “Closed Projects” summary reports
  • Assist in-house real estate department with communication flow between in-house departments required for each lease or sale transaction